Häufig gestellte Fragen Sri Lanka

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When is the best time to travel to Sri Lanka?

Beste Reisezeit für Sri Lanka

The best time to travel to Sri Lanka depends on the region. For the south and west coast and the highlands, December to April is recommended. The east coast is ideal from April to September.

Do I need a visa for Sri Lanka?

An electronic tourist visa (ETA) is required for most nationalities. This can be applied for online before travel and allows a stay of up to 30 days.

What currency is used in Sri Lanka and where can I change money?

The local currency is the Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR). Money exchange is possible at banks, exchange offices and most hotels. ATMs are widely available (full post).

Is Sri Lanka safe for tourists?

Sri Lanka is generally safe for travelers. However, you should still observe the usual safety precautions, such as taking care of your valuables and being cautious at night.

Are there any special vaccinations I need before traveling to Sri Lanka?

There are no mandatory vaccinations for Sri Lanka, but recommended vaccinations include hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus and diphtheria. Consult your doctor for individual recommendations (full post).

What is the best way to get around Sri Lanka?

There are several transportation options in Sri Lanka, including buses, trains, tuk-tuks and cabs. Rental cars are also available, but it is recommended to hire a driver (full post).

What languages are spoken in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Kultur Einwohner

The official languages are Sinhala and Tamil. English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas and among younger people (full post).

What types of sockets are available in Sri Lanka and do I need an adapter?

Type D and type G sockets are used in Sri Lanka. The mains voltage is 230 V at 50 Hz. Travelers from Europe, Asia and Africa usually need an adapter, while travelers from the UK and Ireland do not.

Can I safely drink tap water in Sri Lanka?

It is recommended not to drink tap water. Instead, buy bottled water or use a water filter or water purification tablets.

Is it possible to eat vegetarian or vegan in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has a diverse cuisine that offers many vegetarian and vegan options. Dishes based on rice, vegetables, legumes and fruits are widely available (full post).

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