Discover Water Sports & Diving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, offers dreamlike beaches, crystal clear water and an impressive underwater world. The island is a true paradise for water sports and diving enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide you will learn everything you need to know about the most popular water sports and diving opportunities in Sri Lanka.

1. Why Sri Lanka for water sports and diving?

Thanks to its geographical location, surrounded by warm waters and an impressive coastline, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for surfing and diving. With a tropical climate and average water temperatures of 27-30°C, conditions here are perfect for surfing and diving all year round. Colorful coral reefs, historic shipwrecks and an impressive biodiversity attract thousands of tourists every year.

2. Top Water Sports in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a variety of water sports, from surfing and windsurfing to kite surfing and jet skiing. Here are the top activities you should try during your stay:

2.1 Surfing in Sri Lanka

surfing in srilanka

Sri Lanka is known for its world-class surf spots, suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. The most famous surf spots are located on the south and east coast of the island. Some of the most popular surf spots are Arugam Bay, Weligama, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa. Every year, various surfing events and competitions are also held here, attracting surfers from all over the world.

2.2 Windsurfing

Windsurfen in Sri Lanka

The best conditions for windsurfing are found on the west and southwest coasts of Sri Lanka, especially in places like Bentota, Negombo and Kalpitiya. During the monsoon season from May to September, these places offer strong winds that are ideal for windsurfers. There are also numerous windsurfing schools and courses that provide beginners with the necessary know-how.

2.3 Kitesurfing

Kitesurfen in Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya, in the northwest of Sri Lanka, is the most famous kitesurfing area on the island. The best kitesurfing season is from May to October, during the southwest monsoon season. Kitesurfing events and schools are also held here, offering courses for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

2.4 Jet ski, banana boat and water ski

Jetski, Bananenboot, Wasserski in Sri Lanka

Popular places for jet ski, banana boat and water ski are Bentota, Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna. There are numerous rentals and providers offering equipment and rides at these locations. However, be sure to choose providers that adhere to safety standards and environmental regulations to avoid accidents and protect the environment.

3. Diving in Sri Lanka: The fascinating underwater world

diving in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka offers a variety of dive sites suitable for both beginners and experienced divers. The island is especially known for its colorful coral reefs and historic shipwrecks.

3.1 Dive spots for beginners

Some of the best dive spots for beginners are Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna and Weligama on the southwest coast. These towns offer sheltered bays and reefs that are great for learning to dive. Recommended dive schools and courses can be found in each of these towns. Be sure to choose a school with a good reputation and certified instructors. Safety and equipment are of utmost importance when diving, so make sure you are well prepared.

3.2 Dive spots for advanced divers

For advanced divers, Sri Lanka offers some challenging and impressive dive sites. Highlights include Pigeon Island, Trincomalee and the Great Basses off the southeast coast. Here you will find deeper dives, stronger currents and impressive biodiversity. Some of the best liveaboards and dive tours lead to these impressive dive sites.

3.3 Wreck diving

Sri Lanka is also known for its wreck diving, with the most famous wreck being the “HMS Hermes“, a British World War II aircraft carrier wreck located off the east coast near Batticaloa. Other interesting wrecks include the “Cargo Wreck” and “Taprobane Wrecks“. Wreck diving usually requires special diving qualifications and experience.

4. Marine life of Sri Lanka: flora and fauna

Meeresbewohner, Wasserwelt, Flora und Fauna Sri Lanka

The waters around Sri Lanka are home to an impressive variety of fish and corals. While diving you can see colorful reef fish, moray eels, reef sharks, barracudas and even whale sharks. Sea turtles, dolphins and the occasional whale can also be found in Sri Lanka’s waters. It is important to practice responsible diving and protect the environment to ensure the continuation of these fascinating ecosystems.

5. Practical tips for water sports enthusiasts and divers

To make sure your water sports and diving vacation in Sri Lanka goes smoothly, here are some practical tips to keep in mind:

  • Travel and health insurance: Make sure you have adequate travel and health insurance that covers water sports and diving. Find out the terms and limitations of your insurance in advance.
  • Packing List and Equipment Tips: Pack swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the strong sun. If you wish to bring your own equipment, consider diving goggles, snorkel, fins and possibly a wetsuit.
  • Local laws and regulations: Find out about local laws and regulations regarding water sports and diving. Be sure to follow these rules and be respectful of the environment and the locals.


Sri Lanka is a fascinating destination that offers an impressive variety of water sports and diving opportunities. With its gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and rich underwater world, the island is a true paradise for water sports and diving enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need to get the most out of your stay in Sri Lanka. We invite you to experience Sri Lanka as a water sports

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